Diamonds and Astrology: Can You Boost Your Luck With Lab Grown Diamonds?

Diamonds and Astrology: Can You Boost Your Luck With Lab Grown Diamonds?

Astrology or the study of the movement of planets and stars and its almost charming effects on our lives has long celebrated diamonds as one the most powerful stones to ever exist. Technically, a diamond is nothing but a portion of carbon, nonetheless, for centuries, it has been distinguished with properties that give it a mysterious allure.

Diamonds are associated with the planet  Venus – the brightest to shine in the sky after the moon and the sun. Venus is the planet known to be the strongest yet calm, much like women and womanhood. Hence, the shine and sparkle of a diamond is associated with that of a woman.

A symbol of strength, beauty and femininity,  Venus is representative of love, wealth, grace, charm & beauty. Diamond is the gemstone for Planet Venus; all of these positive qualities are naturally associated with the effects diamonds can have on its wearer.

Many believe the purer the diamond, the stronger its effect.  A diamond that has no impurities is considered to be the strongest in nature of its effects on its wearer. Perhaps, this is the reason why Type IIa diamonds – diamonds with no chemical impurities whatsoever have been celebrated so profoundly in our history.

Whether it be the Koh-i-noor diamond, a 105.6 carat type IIa diamond that many countries have fought for, or it be the Elizabeth Taylor diamond (the 33.19 carat type IIa diamond) that the actress spoke highly of and almost never took it off her fingers, the effect that purest diamonds have can seldom be matched to those that contain impurities. Elizabeth Taylor was also quoted saying “[It] gives me the strangest feeling for beauty. With its sparks of red and white and blue and purple, and on and on, really, it sort of hums with its own beatific life.”

However, Type IIa diamonds are extremely rare, and only 2% of natural diamonds (those mined from under the surface of the earth) are certified as type IIa.

Owing to the evolution of technology, Type IIa diamonds can now be created in laboratories through CVD technology. Since these diamonds are the same as natural diamonds in terms of their physical, optical, thermal and chemical properties, they must have the same astrological effect on its wearers too.

Prominent jewellery designer Stephen Webster makes an interesting point about lab grown diamonds. He says, “I knew lab-grown diamonds were going to be interesting a few years ago. I am excited by the amazing alchemy of it all. It also happens to play well to the sustainability trend. But we should be looking at the technology, not at price comparisons with natural diamonds. LGDs should be used to create something extraordinary. I want to push them to where natural diamonds can’t go. The lab-grown diamond will be the voice of progress.”


With newer and newer reports suggesting scarcity in the availability of mined diamonds, will consumers opt for lab grown alternatives, even if it is for astrological purposes? Most likely than not, the answer is yes.

Each planet has its unique corresponding astrological gemstone, which radiates the same cosmic color energies as the planet itself. The gemstones work by the reflection of positive rays or absorption of negative rays. Wearing the appropriate gemstone can increase the corresponding planet’s positive effect on its wearer as the gem filters and allows only the positive vibrations to penetrate in the wearer’s body.

In simple terms, it is the play of light emanating from the stone that has certain effects on its wearer, and not its source of production. Consequently, Type IIa diamonds created through the CVD diamond creation technology offer an excellent and lucrative opportunity to those who want to wear diamonds to maximize its cosmic-related effects.

New York-based gemologist Tito Pedrini echoes the sentiment: “LGDs offer an opportunity to use amazing stones in avant-garde designs. There’s an inner life, an individuality in a diamond that tells of the origins of the planet, that becomes part of the diamond legend.”

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