Top 9 Must-have Jewellery Pieces For Woman

A solitaire ring is an iconic jewellery item that you can wear to special occasions or can pair it with your corporate attire.

1. Solitaire Ring

Diamond stud earrings are popular earring styles. Usually worn face-up giving an illusion that it is floating.

2. Stud Earrings

A Cocktail ring is a thing for all ages. Known for its vibrant brilliance, this larger-than-life ring will garner all attention.

3. Cocktail Ring

A bracelet is an versatile accessory that aids in accentuating your personal style and bringing out the colour in your outfit.

4. Stylish Bracelet

A pave ring is the  setting where the shank is lined with petite diamonds to add extra sparkle. Perfect for those looking for an elegant style.

5. Pave Ring

A necklace pendant is a classic diamond jewellery piece. It not only adds flair to your outfit, but also adds grace to the overall personality.

6. Necklace Pendant

The halo ring is a highly sought-after setting that optically enlarges the centre stone by surrounding it with smaller  diamonds.

7. Halo Ring

Drop earrings are a versatile style of earrings. Whether you’re attending a event or a formal dinner, these earrings are the best way to add glamour.

8. Drop Earrings

The swirl ring has a prong setting where the metal band is designed to wrap around the central stone, giving it a circular swirl effect.

9. Swirl Ring

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