Everything You Need to Know About CVD Diamonds

Limelight Diamonds | 21 Dec 2022

CVD diamonds are as real as natural diamonds and are grown in a laboratory instead of being mined.

1. Are CVD Diamonds Synthetic?

Diamonds produced through CVD process are purest diamonds, whereas HPHT diamonds contain chemical impurities and are not the purest diamonds.

2. Difference Between CVD and HPHT Diamonds?

No, CVD diamonds do not change color over time and are as resilient as natural diamonds.

3. Do CVD Diamonds Change Color Over Time?

CVD diamonds are created by subjecting the natural diamond seed to high pressure & temperature inside the machine chambers along with infiltration of gases. 

4. What Exactly Happens in the CVD Process?

In comparison to natural diamonds, CVD diamonds do not cause environmental damage.

5. Do Cvd Diamonds Impact the Environment?

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