5 Best Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

Limelight Diamonds | 6 Jan 2023

Set the maximum amount you can spend before buying an engagement ring as it is too easy to get carried away by the glamorous designs.

1. Set a Budget

You can easily save some cash without compromising on the quality and shine by opting for 18 karat white gold which gives you the same effect as platinum.

2. Choose 14 or 18 karat Gold over Platinum

Halo is one of the popular settings amongst women. The smaller round pave optically enlarges the focal solitaire, making the jewellery look rich.

3. Opt for Halos for Larger Appearance

If you want to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank, go for sustainable diamonds. as they are 30% to 50% affordable than their mined diamonds. 

4. Go for Sustainable Diamonds

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