Gift your loved ones a precious diamond gift that is affordable and sustainable too. Explore our exclusive range of diamond jewellery. 


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Online Jewellery Gift:

Jewellery enhances the look of women and adds charm to their beauty. It is not only an ornament for adorning their outfits but a way of expressing their natural beauty. We have come up with some exclusive online jewellery collections to browse carefully and buy jewellery sets for moms, sisters, wives, or girlfriends that will add more grace and shine to their personalities.

Why is a Lab-grown Diamond the best gift?

Lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity among jewellery lovers as the world moves more sustainably. Not only do lab-grown diamonds promise a bigger, better and brighter sparkle at a more affordable price. But they are also an eco-friendlier choice for our customers. 

  • Lab-grown Diamonds are Inexpensive-

Lab-grown diamonds are inexpensive compared to natural diamonds. While the capital costs for lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural ones and the supply chain is significantly shorter. Since lab-grown diamonds skip the mining process and result in a less expensive diamond. In today’s market, a lab-grown diamond costs approximately 40% less than a mined diamond. 

  • Lab-grown Diamonds are Real-

Lab-grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds—pure crystallised carbon in the isometric cubic system. Lab-grown and mined diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties. Lab-grown diamonds are made using natural conditions (pressure and temperature) in a controlled environment. 

  • Lab-grown Diamonds are sustainable- 

Lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable than mined ones because they are created in controlled conditions. They do not involve the mining process’s destruction of vast masses of land and water in the mining process. As a result, all lab-grown diamonds save the environment and are conflict-free and eco-friendly.

Diamond gift for different occasions:

Diamond is a way to celebrate special moments, whether birthdays, weddings,  anniversaries, engagements, or achievements. If you want to mark the accomplishments of your beloved and show them how much you care, a piece of diamond jewellery is the perfect gift. Our exclusive range of Diamond jewellery gives you an endless choice to select a stunning piece according to your preferences and trends.

  • Birthday gift ring for girlfriend:

Birthdays are always special for everyone, so make it more special for your loved one with diamonds. A diamond ring is a beautiful birthday gift and a way to convey your love and wishes for someone you love. It is something she can cherish and flaunt forever. Let’s browse our sustainable diamond rings to get your perfect one.  

  • Anniversary gift for wife jewellery:

Anniversaries are one of the most memorable milestones to be celebrated because they represent your ever-lasting love and devotion to your partner. A unique piece of jewellery makes the perfect anniversary gift since it symbolises how precious your partner is to you. It is something they can always wear to remind you. 

Diamond Gift for her:

Since the old times, women have adorned themselves with different styles and jewellery pieces. Diamonds and their shine have always been women’s first choice. Nothing can beat a piece of diamond jewellery when gifting the special woman in your life- your mom, wife, sister, daughter or girlfriend. Wearing a stunning piece of jewellery enhances her confidence and her happiness amplifies.

  • Diamond Gift for mother:

Mothers’ love is precious, priceless and forever as diamonds. However, she deserves to be pampered sometimes or a small token of thank you for valuing the sacrifices she makes every day for us. You can gift her a pair of diamond earrings with your first salary to surprise her. Limelight Diamonds have a vast collection of rings, bracelets, and bangles dedicated to mothers and their beauty.

  • Diamond Gift for wife:
    The best gift that a man can give his wife is the gift of love and commitment. Jewellery is a close second. While looking for jewellery gift ideas for your gorgeous wife, diamond jewellery is nothing but your admirable option. Limelight brings you an extensive collection of diamond jewellery for your wife.
  • Diamond Gift for girlfriend:

Jewellery can never fail to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face. We at Limelight Diamond show you a wide range of choices, whether diamond earrings, diamond ear studs, diamond nose pins, anklets, bangles, or even bracelets in multiple designs and styles. 

Customisation options available:
If you prefer individuality and want a unique style or design, we at Limelight diamond make your vision come true. Whether you want a unique design for your engagement ring or a necklace just like that celebrity you saw on tv, we can make it for you. As a manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds, we have various collections of diamonds in all shapes and colours. Limelight diamonds offers our customers a customisation service where they can customise sets of diamonds to create unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a lab-grown diamond ring a good gift for an anniversary?

Yes, a lab-grown diamond ring is a perfect gift for an anniversary as it depicts the love and commitment in the marriage.

Can you gift a piece of jewellery as a wedding gift to a bride?

Yes, a simple diamond necklace or a pendant that is lab grown would be a perfect wedding gift as it is created while keeping the environment in mind, which makes it a special gift. 

What is the best jewellery gift for valentine’s day?

A diamond ring, bracelet or pendant can be a perfect gift for valentines day.